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Our FAQs answer some of the most commonly asked questions about NASCO's Developer Portal, APIs and Events.
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Do you have a Customer Journey Hierarchy Map that I could use to quickly discover APIs and Events.

Please login to get access to the Customer Journey document.

What are NASCO API error codes?

Please login to get access to the API error codes.

Can I sign up if I don’t work for a Blue Plan?

Yes, as long as you work with a Blue Plan who will sponsor you.  Please include your Blue Plan sponsor contact email in the manager's field, so we can contact them about your access request.

Who is NASCO?

NASCO is a healthcare technology company dedicated to co-creating digital health solutions for Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. Our solutions are developed for the Blues, with the Blues, and we have expanded our digital health portfolio to include products ranging from operational enablement to new innovations in healthcare technology. NASCO continually looks ahead to identify new technologies, ideas and initiatives, and we welcome leading health plans, visionary technology partners and expert talent to join us in advancing the future of digital health for the Blues and their members.

To learn more see us at

How do I create an App?

How to create an App:
1. Select Apps from the main menu
2. Click Add App to create
3. Enter the name and description of your Application in dialog box
4. Select Customer Journeys of interest
5. Click the Add App button at the bottom of the page
6. Once processed, credentials seen on the App Section cannot be used until Test environment connectivity and testing has been completed.
7. For interest in Test environment access, please use the Contact Us page to engage.

Are NASCO APIs FHIR compliant?

No, not at present.  NASCO is presently reviewing for future releases.

How would I propose a modification to an existing API?

Use the Contact Us page, and let us know your idea!

How can I get more information about a specific API?

On each API page, you can download the API Specification document to get more information about an API. 

If, after downloading the API Spec Document, you still have questions, then please use the Contact Us page, and include the API in the subject line. 

How can I test NASCO APIs?

To test an API, you'll need credentials to connect to our test environment. Please use the Contact Us page to reach out for test environment credentials and connectivity details. We will send an email to schedule a call to discuss the certificate and credential information needed to get you up and running. 

What Industry Standards does NASCO APIs follow?

NASCO APIs follow Swagger/OAS 2.0 RESTful API Standards.

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